Just like with our DJ services, it's professionalism that sets us apart! We handle everything from pre-event planning, delivery, setup & breakdown, casino grade equipment and professional dealers so you can focus on having fun with your friends, co-workers or clients, while we focus on the details.
Everyone has green felt, but no one has our dealers! If our dealers are not at your event, they are probably dealing at Harrah's or one of the other local casinos. These patient teachers have an entertaining flare that will keep the action moving while making everyone at the table feel like a knowledgeable high roller.

The Rodent Run for the Roses is more than a great fundraiser. It's just flat out fun. We provide the track, race program & betting slips. You can have the lovable rodents named after clients or people within you organization. Place a bet on Rapid Rita from accounting or Quick Rick in human recourses.